Value of Defining Roles and Boundaries

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Value of Defining Roles and Boundaries

Defining roles and boundaries is important for the professional EAP and often is a subject that our organizations are interested for skill building training(counselor, coach, mentor, instructor, home health professionals, etc)

1. Review of the ethical requirements to maintain boundaries that establish the parameters and limits of power based relationships to provide a safe space and framework for interactions.

2. Define roles and the value of outlining what we are and are not in clarifying boundaries. Different roles carry a need to different boundaries.

3. Explore the meaning of touch, gifts, attention, etc  in relationships

4. Consider how the use of alcohol impacts professional image

5. Explore  the implications for social media with the various hats we wear

6. Work/Life Fit- how can we sustain our compassion in a 24/7 role

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