Membership Benefits

Education, Best Practices, and Fun!

Why would you want to join IAEAPE?  The short answer?  Learning from and sharing with other EA professionals in educational settings all over the world; a ListServ that allows members to share resources, discuss protocols and procedures, and invites discussions on a whole range of EA related topics; and an annual conference that is nothing short of fantastic.  Why wouldn't you want to join?

Tom Ruggieri presenting in Boulder, CO, 2011

The Annual Conference.  Every year, we get together for three days of education, networking, and great fun.  We invite noted speakers on workplace issues, and we always enjoy collegial camaraderie through our own members' presentations of their work. Humor, play, and fun are also prevalent.

Learning and sharing with other EA Professionals

There may even be square dancing...

Networking.  Opportunities to share ideas, programming, and concerns have become an invaluable part of our membership.

Collegial Friendships.  The organization provides a forum to make meaningful professional connections with others who share similar work, interests, challenges, and stressors. 

The ListServ.  This is the core of the organization, the most important, most valued benefit we offer.  For more information about the ListServ, click here.

If you're interested in networking with other EA professionals in education, join IAEAPE today.