Executive Board

The administrative business of the association is run by four elected officers: President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary.  Each individual serves for two years.  Although the member who is President serves in that office for one year, she or he has been President-Elect in the preceding year.  In order to provide continuity, the officers' terms are staggered:two new people are elected each year and two people carry on with their terms.

Every year two new people are elected to the Board.  The elections are conducted over the IAEAPE website through the Members Only page.

The Board for 2022 is:

President President-Elect

Mark Berg

Director of EAP

University of Texas/MD Anderson

Phone: (713)745-6901

Clevevoya Jordan

Employee Assistance Clinician/FSAP Program

Emory University

Phone: (404) 727-4328



Secretary Treasurer

Tami Long

Director, UAB Employee Assistance and Counseling Center

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Phone: (205) 934-2281

Email: tamilong@uabmc.edu

Neil McGillicuddy

EAP Consultant

University at Buffalo

Phone: (716) 645-4458

Email: nm23@buffalo.edu



Monique Thornton

Director, Vidant Employee Assistance Program

Phone: (252) 847-4357

Email: Monique.Thornton@vidanthealth.com


Previous years' Board Membership may be found on the IAEAPE History page.