Committees & Chairs


IAEAPE has several standing committees and ad hoc committees as needed.  Ad hoc committees are convened at the Board's request to work on non-recurrent issues.

The current committees, their chair people and members are:


Conference Committee - Entertainment/Logistics

Brenda Wilson:

Mark Berg:


Conference Committee - Programming

Mar​k Berg:

Brenda Wilson:

Neil McGillicuddy:

Dale Rampell:

Orlando Gonzalez: - computer assistance

Rhonda Henry: - graphics assistance


Education Committee

Clevevoya Jordan (Chair):

Paula Gomes:

Scott Embley: 


Elections Committee

Paula Gomes:

Tom Ruggieri:


List Serve Committee

Orlando Gozalez (Chair):

Jonathon Novello:


Membership Committee

Tom Waldecker (Co-Chair):

Donna Buehler:

Clevevoya Jordan:

James Kendall:

Laurie Kovens:  

Tami Long:


Scholarship Committee

Eileen Fenrich (Co-Chair): 

Tom Ruggieri:

Karie Wolfson:

Tami Long:

Rosario Zavala:


Vendor / Exhibitor Committee

Karen Brouhard (Chair):

Nichole Capitanio:

Monique Thornton:


Website Communications Committee

Clevevoya Jordan (Co-Chair):

Jonathon Novello (Co-Chair):

Hans Hoerchelman (Webmaster):

Morris Mosley:

Rhonda Henry: