About Us

Formally organized in 1993, the International Association of Employee Assistance Professionals (IAEAPE) has survived and prospered due to the volunteer work of its membership. On average, the association numbers about 170 members from about 70 institutions of learning. Almost all the members staff internal employee assistance programs (EAPs) or Faculty and Staff Assistance Programs (FSAPs) within their school systems, colleges, or universities.
The administrative business of the association is run by four elected officers: President, President Elect, Treasurer and Secretary.   Each individual serves for two years. Although the member who is President serves in that office for one year, she or he has been President Elect in the preceding year. In order to provide continuity, the officers' terms are staggered: two new people are elected each year and two people carry on with their terms.
Since its inception, IAEAPE has become increasingly virtual. Currently, monthly Board meetings, committee meetings, and some workshops are conducted by conference calls. Voting for officers is done via the IAEAPE web site. Eventually, the members section of the web site will house the archives of the association's documents. Necessary banking is conducted via the Internet and by mail. Every two years the association's contact postal address becomes the current secretary's mailing address.
Without walls, offices and corridors, and with no permanent staff, the members are bound together primarily through IAEAPE's active listserv and the annual two-day conference.
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